Each machine wears as a result of operations and exploitation.

Components wear as well as steering mechanisms. The housing is also frequently damaged.

Many factors have an impact on the wear and tear and not all of them depend on the operators.

In order, however, to be sure that a machine can still be used and is completely safe for the operator, one must regularly service it.

When should a device service be performed?

Why should devices be serviced?

Servicing devices is nothing else but subjecting them to a technical review.

After a specific stage of exploitation, a device ought to be precisely checked by experts.

As a result of the review it will turn out that the device operates effectively and is completely safe, as well as whether its efficiency is sufficient.

Experts carry out the necessary repairs which enable further use of the equipment.

While using a device is wears and tears which constitutes a natural consequence of use.

One may however distinguish the types of wear of devices.

The most popular damages and defects which occur with respect to all steel devices is corrosion.

Rusty stains may appear on the housing, less frequently in case of components or engine.

Servicing is also targeted at preventing corrosion and removing outbreaks of rust in its initial phase when they are not that dangerous yet.

The most frequent exploitation error is carelessness with respect of the state of oil or greases in movable parts of the machine.

This speeds up the process of grinding of materials and gears and it may ultimately lead to the occurrence of slackening or fractures.

Specialist service will assess the degree of technical use and decide about replacement.

Thanks to this, machine’s operations will still be seamless and safe.

How often should a machine be serviced?

Technical reviews of cars are conducted on an annual basis, and this fact is regulated by the relevant legal regulations.

In case of industrial devices there are no specific legally binding terms which force the users to service devices.

It does not mean however that it should not be done.

In each situation when as a result of an unfit equipment an employee suffers, full responsibility is incurred by the person who ordered performance of work on that particular device.

In this respect, regular servicing of devices should be greatly adhered to by the employers.

In large industrial plants there are schedules and procedures in light of which machines must be serviced regularly.

Most frequently, the minor reviews are performed by operators and every several months, servicing is entrusted to professional companies.

Through this, failures stemming from the wear and tear of the components are avoided.

Frequent reviews and removal of defects may ensure long lifespan of such machines.

In case of smaller companies and lack of described procedures it is worth to specify the validity term for them by oneself.

One may service the devices comprehensively once a year.

In case of hardly exploited equipment, it is better to carry out the service every several months or additionally as a result of occurrence of worrying symptoms during the machine’s operations.

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