How to select a good wine tank from stainless steel?

While producing wine what matters is the knowledge of the art of fermentation and the use of tasty grape strains.

It is equally important to have high quality tools and vats in which tanks may smoothly ferment, ultimately reaching fullness of taste.

This concerns both small family-run workshops as well as companies producing alcohol on an industrial scale.

What to definitely focus on when selecting wine tanks?

Material is key

It is assumed that stainless steel is the material most suitable for production of fermentation vats, ageing and storage of alcohol beverages.

This material is uniquely resistant to mechanical and chemical factors thanks to which it may serve us for many years without any interruptions.

It is stainless and it does not react in any way to alcohol. It is also resistant to the occurrence of sediments.

Stainless steel is uniquely aesthetic and designer-lie, constituting supplementation of modern company image.

The investment in vats designed by experts will pay back in time in a form of perfect beverages that have successfully fermented in the tanks.

Advanced technology

Wine tanks ought to not only be durable but also hygienic and construed with knowledge of technology applied in case of this type of products.

Depending on the size of vat various materials and tools are applied  – other in case of several dozen litres’ large tanks and other in case of those with several thousand litres capacity.

Thickness of the sheets as well as type of tank are of significance as well.

It may be low-pressure, high-pressure or depressurized, depending on its designation.

The technology used upon production of vats determines the right shape of accessories and elements such as faucets, valves, thermometers, hatches, seals or cooling jacketed bowls.

Specialists who produce such tanks will be able to advise you what to focus on when choosing them.

Compliance with quality standards

Stainless steel is hygienic and keenly applied in the food industry as well as in brewery and pharmaceutical industries.

In general, it fulfils the demanding safety standards concerning food storage.

It is worth to select producers who follow the guidelines of Technological Supervision Office when creating stainless steel tanks.

They adhere to the provisions and standards of making elaborated by this institution.

Professionally elaborated vats will constitute a guarantee of perfect taste of wine and safety for clients.

How to buy the tanks cheaper?

The purchase of wine vats is normally quite an expenditure; therefore, it is worth to learn the manner of saving a little bit on this cost.

Surely one should not compromise the high quality.

There are however methods of cutting down on the costs.

It is worth, for instance to purchase the tanks directly from the producer – this way you will avoid the margin collected by suppliers and stores with accessories for the production of alcohol.

Direct order also constitutes a possibility of obtaining individual approach and considering our needs concerning the products.

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