Industrial machine production

Professionally made industrial machines are a guarantee of effective and efficient automation of the company processes.For this reason, it is worth to use the services of trusted manufacturer. Production of industrial machines by UMS company is a trusted manner of equipping your enterprise in high quality devices targeted at optimizing all processes.

Modern machine park

We have an expanded and technologically advanced machine park in place.
Thanks to this we are able to undertake execution of even the most non-standard orders.
Enterprises involved in various types of industry branches such as cosmetic and pharmaceutical, food and chemical may avail of our services.
All machines are created by us in consideration of the specificity of the given branch, upon close cooperation with our clients.
Machine park allows us to create modern devices in line with the binding production and safety standards.
In production of machines we apply solely the high quality materials (i.e. Stainless steel).
This means that devices become permanent and resistant to damages.
They are also designated for a long-term, intense exploitation.
Machines designed by us (machine design) are intuitive in maintenance – they will not trigger any difficulties in programming or everyday use.

Modernization of technological lines

Production of machines is a service that will work well both upon creating completely new technological lines and modernizing the existing ones.
In the latter case we offer our expert support.
Engineers employed by UMS assess the demand of client production lines and design new machines so as to adjust them to the presently applied solutions.
Thanks to this modernization runs smoothly and allows to save money for exchanging all components of the existing technological lines.

UMS advantages

As a company operating on the market for over 10 years we have had a chance to cooperate with many different clients.
Our experience translates into efficiency.
Each order is realized by us fast and on time.
We are open to new challenges.
We employ experienced and specialized personnel.
These benefits make our products appreciate an opinion of being reliable.

Attractively low price of machine production

We provide services related to producing devices at the highest level.
As a trusted manufacturer of industrial machines, we evaluate each order individually, based on the product specificity, type of used material and other significant factors.
This way we can guarantee a fair, low price for our services.
Our clients pay only for what they need.
We encourage you to familiarize with our offer and in case of any questions concerning the price, the course of processes or other doubts related to the production of industrial machines, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email.
We will be delighted to present the proposed by us services in more detail.

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Comprehensive production of industrial machines Wołów

We ensure comprehensive realization of orders, starting from creating individual projects, through building a machine, ending with its professional assembly in the factory, workplace or another location indicated by the client.
We also build machines based on documentation or project provided by the client.
We assist and advise in the scope of selecting the most adequate technological solutions.
We also carry out professional maintenance services for every device.
Each order is discussed individually with the client, thanks to which the created machine is fully adjusted to the specific needs of a given company.
Modern functionalities and solutions proposed by us perfectly fit the current market trends.
We have experience in elaborating and creating devices for various industries and branches of the industry, such as pharmacological or cosmetic.
We are also open to new challenges; thus, we successfully undertake realization of non-standard or difficult orders. In case of devices for the food or chemical industry we can guarantee the use of proper types of steel or other raw materials with the required marking, attestations and quality certificates.
Thanks to this machines produced by us are not only functional but also safe as well as fully tested for specific tasks.

Machines created by experts

We employ a team of highly-qualified, properly trained experts.
Our employees are specialists in their areas of expertise, which makes our product, its assembly and production of machines remain on the highest level.
Engineers, designers, fitters or welders have the necessary skills, experience as well as entitlements allowing them to provide the above stated services.
For our work we apply solely the most prominent, technologically advanced equipment, allowing us to carry out complicated orders that require specialist tools and knowledge.

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