Production of technological lines

Modern technological lines are necessary in order to introduce full automation of production processes.
With their help one may effectively optimize the costs related to production of diverse products.
In order to reach these goals, production of technological lines ought to occur with the use of the best available equipment and in accordance with the binding standards.
The use of offer of our company guarantees gaining a perfectly functional technological line.

Technological lines for each branch of industry

Solutions we propose work well in many different industries.
Construction companies eagerly use them, as well as chemical concerns, pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic enterprises or the food industry.
Produced machines may be exploited in the industry that requires adherence to all safety norms.
Efficiency of technological lines enables increasing production, followed by greater profits for a company.

From design to realization

Cooperation with our company is based on several stages.
At the beginning we specify client needs and prepare proposals of technological solutions.
Our engineers take into consideration the specificity of a given industry and the requirements placed before the ordering party.
Through this, clients interested in the service of producing technological lines will obtain precisely what they need in their enterprise.
A subsequent stage is production of the ordered lines.
We have an advanced machine park that allows us to realize even the most challenging orders.
We create all technological components as well as prefabricating machines and transport routes.
We use materials that ensure durability of installation, such as stainless steel.
Selection of raw materials is agreed with the client.
At the final stage of cooperation, we implement management systems and launch the technological line.
We test its operations and verify its integrity with the system.
On this basis adequate documentation is also elaborated.
At every stage of order realisation, we stay in touch with the client, thanks to which you remain in full control over the process.

Many years of experience in production of technological lines

UMS company is a manufacturer of technological lines that has been present on the market for over a decade.
During that time, we have gained a broad experience while cooperating with many clients.
Our strong sides also include punctuality and speed of work.
This makes us a reliable partner in production of modern technological lines.

Competitive prices for services

Price estimation for orders occurs on an individual basis.
The final production cost will encompass such factors as the volume and type of used material, number of machines or assembly.
Furthermore, we realize special orders (such as those concerning non-standard accessories) that are valued in a similar manner.
If you are interested in a professional production of technological lines, contact us by phone or email.
We will answer all your questions and suggest the most beneficial solutions.

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Experienced group of employees

Experience of our employees significantly impacts the quality of services provided by us.
Our company has realized numerous projects in various industries, which helped us improve the qualifications of our employees and gain knowledge that we use for better execution of subsequent production of technological lines.
Engineers employed by our company know how to design various types of production lines, starting from small, single cell connections between machines and ending with complicated systems. Today, this allows us to undertake even the most non-standard projects.
On several occasions the scale of difficulty turns out to be very high, however, our professional team copes with such obstacles well.
Designing complicated lines is just one of the elements that ensure success among our clients.
Our bet project might turn of little value without professional and thorough realization.
We have the best experts in the area of welding and mounting in our team.
Thanks to their experience and engagement production of technological lines is smooth and each element is finished in a professional manner.
Permanent contact with the group of engineers and production personnel helps to improve the projects and facilitate them at every stage of making.
Thanks to this our clients obtain fully functioning lines of the highest quality.


Assembly of technological lines

On many occasions our employees have realized assembly of lines in the premises of our clients.

However, production of technological lines commences already in our workshop.

It is here where devices and modules are created and subsequently combined in a complete mechanism.

Communication between the ordering party and the designers at the stage of order submission results in a short assembly time.

Considering various conditions makes the assembly run seamlessly.

Mounting crews consist of professionals who had an opportunity to act in the premises of many different plants.

They are able to deal with all the difficulties, while remaining in contact with the design engineers.

Only the initial launch of an effective production line means completion of the mounting works.

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