Repairs and maintenance of machines

Even the most durable machines sometimes break down.This might be the outcome of a failure, accidentally caused mechanical damages or simply wear and tear of material.
In such cases one must turn for assistance to companies qualified in this regard that deal with repair and regeneration of damaged structures.
Our service of machines has been in operations for the past 10 years, during which we have gained experience and skills necessary to carry out actions targeted at reinstating device operations.
We use the best available on the market equipment, adjusted to the specific order.
Thanks to this work is trouble-free and ends on time, while machines may return to standard operations in no time.
When it comes to repair services, Lubin may count on our immediate professional assistance!

Machine servicing

Since many problems associated with machine functioning may be avoided if they are regularly serviced, we recommend our services in this regard.
Our specialized engineers may easily determine usability and durability of equipment as well as order other actions related to maintenance and correct use.
Control of technical state of machines always proves to be the cheaper solutions in the end than later repair in case of emergency failures.

Repair of machines

If, however, the damage has been done, our clients may be sure that repair of machines by UMS company will not burden their budget too much.
The pricelist is competitive and heterogenous – we agree the price solely on the basis of the undertaken actions required for a repair.
While using our services you will not be charged for reinstating the equipment to its initial state.

Machine turning

We also offer machine turning which is useful at each stage of project realization.
This includes, all the same, their construction as well as later potential repairs or modernizations.
It is worth to remember that, when machines use up and need additional turning in order to ensure their further functionality.
Our turning cells may operate on almost every material, i.e. stainless steel or non-ferrous metals.
If you’re looking for a trusted and guaranteed high level of services of machines, we encourage you to contact our company.
We will be delighted to introduce our offer, consult the most beneficial solutions and carry out individual price quote for the whole order.
We are waiting for your telephone or email enquiries at the addresses specified in the tab “Contact us”. You may also visit us at our headquarters in Wołów near Lubin.
We kindly invite you!

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Repair of machines in lightning tempo

Any downtime caused by technical failures carries along loss of money, thus, one must immediately deal with any damage.
We are aware of how important fast reaction is.
The service proposed by us of machine repairs occurs in the fastest possible term – normally already on the same day, within the maximum of several hours form the moment of failure reporting.
This way we are able to guarantee restoring of machine operations without unnecessary delays.
One of the good practices applied in industrial enterprises is conclusion of a servicing agreement for a defined period of time.
Such a service consists also in repairs of machines.
It is a reasonable solution due to the possibility of avoiding serious failures.
Ongoing monitoring of the technical state of equipment prevents its damages and its wear.
We encourage cooperation in this scope with our company.
Our qualified engineering crew will do its best to maintain your equipment in the best possible shape and form.
Furthermore, all submissions concerning unforeseen situations (sudden failures or mechanical damages of equipment) will be treated by us as a priority.
We will arrive at any time convenient to you.
It is worth to underline that for our repair works we use solely tested parts – original or their equivalents.
The choice between them depends on the client.

Price quote of machine repairs Wołów

Individual approach is something that should distinguish each professional company dealing with repairs of industrial equipment.
When it comes to repairs of machines, Wołów requires this standard to be maintained. We strive to meet the expectations of our clients.
All orders related to repairs and servicing of machines are individually quoted for. We take into consideration several factors, such as degree of damages of equipment and necessity of using original spare parts.
The final cost of repairs depends mainly on the situation we are dealing with. This approach is fair for both parties.
Our clients do not pay excessive fees which are unnecessary.

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