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UMS company has since 2007 been involved in production and direct sale of technologically advanced steel tanks.
Solely stainless materials are applied for their production that as the only ones may ensure durability and functionality of all constructions.
We place special emphasis on the ability of our solutions to contain both these features.

Production of stainless containers

Depending on the needs of our ordering parties we may produce containers from stainless steel and the remaining technological installations, using various methods to achieve this.
This is targeted at 100% matching client requirements.v At the same time, we always adhere to the requirements specified by the authorities that ensure safety of use and durability of containers.
Stainless containers may take various dimensions and forms.
It is also similar when it comes to capacity.
We may perform containers ranging from several dozen to several thousand litres of capacity.
Selection of tools and materials for creating constructions occurs, among others, based on density of sheets as well as whether a given container is non-pressurised, low-pressure or high-pressure (up to 20 bars). Stainless steel has a number of advantages.
Apart from durability of this material, it also guarantees total neutrality towards substances, both liquids and solids, stored inside the container.
It is also environment-friendly (not impacting it in any way) and people-friendly in its vicinity.
High resistance to damages (i.e. fractures and scratches) is yet another feature of this type of steel.
As a producer of stainless steel containers, we may offer the most beneficial price for our clients due to not involving any mediators in such a sale.
This is a perfect opportunity for persons searching for a cheap method of storing various types of media.
Since each order is different, the price is calculated based on the requirements submitted to us by clients.
This provides surety that the price will not be excessive, while allowing us to maintain competitive prices.
Details concerning costs may be discussed during a direct meeting.

Containers useful in many industries.

Since our containers from stainless steel fulfil all the necessary standards (they are created in accordance with the strictly established production standards and the provisions of the Technical Supervision Office), they may successfully be used in almost all branches of the industry.

They are of particular interest for the following branches:

  • cosmetic,
  • chemical,
  • food,
  • pharmaceutical,

as well as others, related to the above (i.e. wine tanks).

Nothing stands in the way for us to produce similar stainless tanks according to an individual design of our client.
An important feature of the products we produce is their universality.
They may contain various media, not only liquids.
Even though they most frequently serve as containers for liquids, i.e. water, beverages, condensates, fuel, milk, beer and even hazardous substances, they are also suitable for storing gases and loose materials such as sand.
Technological installations from stainless steel play an important role, though they serve above all for the transfer of media.
Our offer also contains such constructions that are designed and produced in line with client needs.

Key advantages of containers from stainless steel

Containers targeted at storing liquid media must be durable and, at the same time, resistant to the actions of various factors.
For this reason, the only reasonable solution is production of stainless steel containers.
Our company uses this particular material due to its multiple advantages.

These include, among others:

  • insensitivity to rusting,
  • preventing creation of sediments,
  • longer product life (in comparison to regular steel),
  • hygienic safety.

With respect of stainless steel containers, production must also encompass safety standards.
UMS adheres to all the binding standards.
Thanks to this stainless containers may be applied in the food industry (dairies, brewery etc.) or pharmaceutical, where special caution upon production is a must.
As a producer of containers from stainless steel we place special emphasis on this.

Cost of stainless containers

With respect of such containers from stainless steel the prices vary due to the individual nature of orders.
The final cost of product is calculated on the basis of several factors: dimensions, materials and additional accessories.
In each case the containers from stainless steel are created with the same precision and use of modern production methods.
This way our clients obtain products from the top shelf.v If you are interested in durable and aesthetic stainless containers, production proposed by our company will surely meet your expectations.

Proposals for the brewery industry

Continuously developing brewery business in Poland, especially when it comes to local, craft businesses, requires proper installations for the end result to be satisfactory.
With the thought of these companies that deal with production of beer we have prepared a special offer for mini-breweries that facilitate and speed up the production process.

Minibreweries and uni-tanks

Similar as the remaining containers, they are also created from stainless steel.
This conditions simply must be met.
Only a resistant to rust and high temperature steel will cope with each and every task.
As a producer of minibreweries we are perfectly aware of the specificity of this business and its requirements.
Thus, we may offer products adjusted to its needs:
We recommend uni-tanks for our clients.
They are also called cylindric-conical tanks due to their construction.
They are designated for beer fermentation and its maturing.
They ensure full control over the fermentation process which allows to obtain the desired effect.
Minibreweries may be carried out in many different dimensions with the use of various techniques.
We care also for the high aesthetic values of our products.
They are elaborated in the smallest details so that they are pleasant for the eye.
We warmly invite you to familiarize with our offer of containers and technological installations from stainless steel.
We guarantee punctuality and care for high level of making which will meet your requirements.
Furthermore, we may propose assembly of the construction in any location.
All persons interested in our services are asked to contact us by telephone or email in order to agree further details of an order and receive a price quote.
We will be delighted to answer all your questions.v We are a producer who may be trusted!
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