Welding of steel, aluminium and metals

UMS is a family-run company based on traditions, the utmost goal of which is to provide the best welding, repair and maintenance services for the region. Our strong sides are our reliability, punctuality and long-lasting experience. Even though our headquarters is based in Wołów, Lubin is the place within our direct reach. Welding Wrocław – this is also possible. We will reach the indicated client address in the shortest possible time. We know that time is money, therefore, we always respect the time of our ordering parties.

Modern tools for machining

Welding aluminium and other types of metals requires selecting equipment that is adjusted to work in the right conditions. For the final effect to fit the needs of clients we have decided to purchase the tools from the highest shelf, that allow for precise and fast performance. With their help we are able to carry out each work related to for instance welding of non-ferrous metals and welding of stainless steel. Merging of elements from the same materials (i.e. aluminium – aluminium) or different materials (i.e. steel – aluminium) is not a problem for us. We accept orders also for the remaining works necessary in case of specific projects. The applied tools are entirely safe for the workpiece and do not cause accidental damages. We pay special attention to their maintenance and regeneration, thanks to which they always operate in the top shape, ensuring high quality of making. In the city of Lubin there is a significant demand for various techniques of obtaining demanded effects. Methods of welding are adjusted by us to specific realizations, but we also listen to the voice of our clients who know best what they need. We also provide professional consulting services in this regard. Having decided to trust us with performance of services you will gain certainty that all will run smoothly and effectively – which is also an outcome of our habit of placing emphasis on the well-maintained equipment.

This is only a part of our offer.

There is much more than just equipment In the scope of our services one may find welding of non-ferrous metals, aluminium and stainless steel, assembly of installations created with the use of these materials as well as their repair. We are involved in all actions that are related to metal alloys. Experience gained over the years (we have been on the market since 2007) has made us experts in this area, thanks to which the obtained effects significantly exceed what other offers available on the market contain. In our daily routine we abide by the generally accepted standards that are required in order to reach the right quality. These concern, among others, PN-EN ISO. We focus on continuous trainings that increase our qualifications which then directly translates into our better performance. UMS company is aware of the necessity to employ professional personnel, ready and able to carry out each, even the most complex task. The key determinant of our choice of welding method of stainless steel is the type of base material, that is specifying whether steel is austenitic, martensitic, ferritic or duplex. Carrying out of controls with respect of ferrites content in all welding elements is recommended. It is worth to remember that while picking an ideal place for welding stainless steel, Lubin will turn out to be one of the “must visit” places on the map. Welding aluminium is performed subject to applying the following methods: TIG: technique designated mainly for aluminium elements of smaller sizes, guaranteeing cleanliness of welds. MIG: technique created for aluminium elements with thickness above 1mm, ensuring significantly shorter period of completion of welds in comparison to TIG method. Gas: technique that uses oxygen-acetylene burners, ensuring dissolving of aluminium oxides with the help of fluxes. Covered electrodes: technique of connecting an electrode to the direct current, which finds its use while welding technical aluminium and aluminium alloys with addition of silicon and manganese. It is worth to add that aluminium must be thoroughly prepared before welding. Above all, one must remove greased elements and layer of oxides from the surface of the material. In order to do so one must apply stainless steel brush and special chemical agents. Should you require a well-carried out service, such as aluminium welding Lubin is a perfect place where you will find a professional welding company. Welding of non-ferrous metals may also be carried out via the indicated methods. In this case the conduct of welds is hindered by properties of these metals, i.e. Good thermal conduction or entering into reactions with oxygen. For this reason, welding ought to be carried out by a professional who will know which adequate heat sources to apply. When it comes to welding non-ferrous metals Lubin is a prefect point on the map to find professional assistance and consulting in case of doubts. We warmly invite for cooperation.

Offer details

Welding of stainless steel is performed subject to applying the following methods: TIG, that is welding via a tungsten electrode in an inert gas cloud; MAG – welding via consumable electrode in an inert gas cloud; MMA, where the length of electrode remains unchanged for the whole time. The last of the techniques requires special approach due to the degree of difficulty but thanks to the advanced tools and qualified employees this is not a problem for us. Apart from this we may carry out the so called orbital welding for which the specified TIG technology is used (with an addition of a wire or without it). Our offer is directed both to individual clients and to the representatives of various branches of industry. Furthermore, we are open for other proposals. We cooperate with our clients at each stage of order realization. We travel to Wołów or Wrocław. We await the telephone or email contact from persons interested in our welding services from Lubin, Wołów, Wrocław. We will respond to all messages. We will elaborate a price offer and discuss the necessary details in such a way so our clients can be sure that they will obtain exactly what they need at a reasonable price. We guarantee high level of client service!

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