The assembly and welding of installations

UMS company is not only a manufacturer of various elements from stainless steel, but also a service provider who expands the scope of his work by assembly and welding of the produced products. We provide our services both in Lubin, Wołów and in Wrocław. Care and support of our clients at each stage of order realization is one of our key goals. For this reason, we offer mounting of installations from stainless steel. These include, among others, pumps, water treatment stations, reservoirs, pipelines and other elements that require adequate connection. If required, we also perform welding of installations on site. We have a modern workshop at our disposal that makes our work strictly adjusted to the modern standards, guaranteeing safety of assembly as well as use of installation. It gives us the certainty of high level of the offered services. We ensure timely and fast realization. Welding of installation from stainless steel is performed by our professional crew. These qualified experts are able to carry out any task. They possess the knowledge, the tools and skills necessary to perform their work. With their help assembly and launch of technological lines may occur in the shortest possible time and without any issues. Furthermore, we propose our services also after completion of the welding stage of steel components. We are very keen to carry out repairs, maintenance works, and service works of components, mechanisms and devices we have installed. Comprehensive service ensures long-term benefits from the assembled structures. The offer is directed at all in need of professional stainless steel structure construction, especially from the chemical, pharmaceutical, brewery or food industries. Contacting us by phone or email you will obtain more information concerning the assembly and welding of installation from stainless steel. We are keen to answer all your questions and we can propose the most beneficial solutions already at the stage of order quote. We guarantee high level of client service!
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Trouble-free and fast assembly of installation from stainless steel

A lot depends on the right assembly.
Correctly carried out assembly prevents defects or leaks.
For this reason, it must be approached in a responsible manner.
As professionals we do not apply any half measures.
Certificates we obtained for qualifications gained by our personnel are a good proof of that.
It is the best guarantee of trouble-free assembly of installation, the outcome of which is safe and effective functioning of a technological line.
We apply solely tested methods that we select on a case by case basis at work.
Some installations require more specialist approach while others are much simpler to handle.
Regardless however of the degree of technological line advancement we are able to carry out an assembly of installation in an express mode.
We will gladly handle tasks others consider too complicated or non-standard.
Thanks to our many years’ long experience and modern equipment we may cope with every challenge.
We handle all installations from stainless steel, i.e. process installations for production, gas installations (including technical gases), heating installations, cooling installations, compressed air installations and many more.
Our installation assembly begins with the already mentioned 3D computer drawing that ensures precision and efficiency of realization.
We can arrive at the site anytime that suits our clients.
We can adjust to the requirements and deadlines suggested by you.

Price quote of assembly and installation in Wołów and vicinity

Cost of assembly and launch of technological lines is each time estimated on a case by case basis.
This results from the nature of service.
More complex and advanced systems require larger workloads, which finds its reflection in the price quote.
Due to the above factors the final price will each time differ.
We guarantee, however, one of the lowest rates of assembly of installation in the region.

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